The relation between sex and a healthy relationship

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is sex. While this may not be that important at the beginning, it is once both sides have agreed to do it. Without sex between a couple, sooner or later there are bound to be problems. Now this doesn’t mean that a companionship with someone you love has to be all about sex. There are those who are able to have one without ever having intercourse. Or at least not making it a major part of their liaison. However, for many others, it all starts in the bedroom; or wherever it is you have sex with your partner.

Overall, there are numerous couples who both seem to have the same kind of sex drive. They each enjoy doing it a few times a day or week. In other cases, you have only one person who is the one particularly interested in having sexual relations. It’s during these instances that the problem arises. For the person who wants to have sex more often, they may feel as if their partner doesn’t enjoy being intimate with them. He or she may begin to question their own value or self-worth. If not, they may try to look for that attention somewhere else.

On the other side of the coin, the person who doesn’t enjoy sex as much, or does not want to do it, will blame the other. They may blame their partner for wanting to have sex so often. But having your partner try and shame you for your sexual drive can ultimately have dire consequences.

The amount of sex a couple has should never be measured in numbers though. Although there are couples who have sex daily, that is not always the case. Most people in healthy relationships only have sex once a week. While a few may think that is not enough, research has shown otherwise. There are many couples who are happy having sex one day a week.

Another key point to keep in mind is that in healthy relationships, orgasm is not always the ultimate goal. A vast majority of partners simply enjoy being intimate and close to the other. That in itself is enough to give them both physical pleasure. As partnerships change over time, so will sex. Relationships go through changes and different stages. The same thing will happen to your sexual relations over time. What every couple must focus on, is to explore and see how and where the sex falls into your relationship.

In the event that you may have more sex drive than your partner, don’t feel as if you are wrong. The same goes if he or she may not want it as much as you. Remember that two individuals will always have sex drives which are different. The key issue is communication and how you both can do things to make it work together. In healthy relationships, sex and dialogue go hand in hand.

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