Rekindling Your Sex Life After Baby

Having kids is one of the most rewarding blessings which can happen to a couple. However, it can also dramatically alter both of your lives; especially your sex life. So is there a way of rekindling your sex life after having a baby?

Most parents which welcome kids into their world find it very difficult to find time for sex. It is almost close to impossible in some cases, due to several factors. Rearing children present numerous challenges for new parents. Too many of them find themselves exhausted from taking care of the kids all day to even think about sex. They become disconnected and lose interest in it altogether. Still, there are several things you can do to try and awaken that lost sex life.

Get Some Sleep: The biggest detriment new parents face is lack of sleep. Ironically, getting enough sleep is as essential as sex in a relationship and a person’s well-being. At the same time, those couples who have sex regularly, also sleep better at night. That is when compared to those who did not have sex. Make time and find moments for both sex and sleep.

Increase Intimacy: Couples can experience intimacy without having sex. Yet doing so will ultimately lead to it. Try cuddling together at night and use different techniques. Some couples go to sleep completely nude in order for the skin-on-skin moment to help them connect. Eventually, being that close together naked frequently will lead to more sex.

Use Your Body: Most women tend to get self-conscious about their bodies once they have a baby. They will gain a few pounds and as a result, feel as if they are not sexy anymore. But, your partner finds you amazing and wants to be intimate with you. Show off your body using some lingerie to get into it. Listen to music that is romantic or play games together as well.

Be More Compassionate: New parents face difficulties on both ends. The father may feel as if he is being rejected by the lack of attention. On the other hand the mother will feel overwhelmed. They will also resent the dads for not understanding them and for wanting sex. The key is for both to be compassionate towards one another. Be understanding to the other’s needs and wants. Together, you can come to an agreement and find a middle ground for both.

Use Creativity: The reduced time for couples is a daunting challenge. One way to make it all better is by being more creative during sex. Find ways to liven things up. You can use role-playing, sex games, toys and other things. There are many opportunities leading to sex if you look for them and make time for them.

You can rekindle and keep your sex life active after birth using several other methods. No matter which one you try, the key is to have patience and allow time for things to work.

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